Are you getting tired of the Corona prohibitions?  Looking to learn more about libations?  Come join me and the Parkdale, High Park, Humber Rotary Club for an on-line fundraiser to support some of our charities that are in dire need due to Covid-19 issues.
Logistics:  Thursday, May 28 from 5-6:30 via Zoom
Theme:  Prohibition.  Have fun in the comfort of your own home!  Create your own Speakeasy!  Don your Roaring 20’s garb!  Pour yourself a libation and join us to learn more about everything boozy!
Entertainment: Experts in wine, beer, and cocktails will teach us some of their craft – we will learn how to mix cocktails for our weekly online happy hours, differences in craft beers, and more about wine.  Each presenter will speak for 10 minutes, then have 5 minutes for Q & A from the audience.
Entertainment Experts:
            Rosewood Winery & Meadery
            Tony Aspler – Sommelier, Author, Wine Columnist
            High Park Brewery
Tickets: For $20 per person, you can join us via Eventbrite.  All proceeds donated to our charities.  Those wishing to donate more will receive a tax receipt for donations over $25. 
  • Fort York Food Bank
  • Weston Area Emergency Support Food Bank
  • Shelter Box. 
Some of the most vulnerable populations have been hit hardest by the Corona Virus pandemic.  Visits to food banks have increased, while the sources of some regular food donations have been restricted.  Fort York Food Bank ( provides food and meals to low income individuals and families in Toronto.  Weston Area Emergency Support provides food to low income individuals and families in the Weston & Mount Dennis area.  Shelter Box ( provides emergency disaster relief in areas around the world.  The corona virus presents serious risks for refugees and displaced families. The Parkdale, High Park, Humber Rotary Club regularly supports these charities that could use additional help right now. 
Additional Fun:  Bone up on your knowledge of prohibition & alcohol and participate in trivia questions throughout the show.
Thirty years of service...

Since April 28th 1987, The Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park has been working for the benefit of its community, and in support of the international community service initiatives of Rotary International.  We are proud to be members of the world’s oldest service club, founded in 1905, and to be associated with its strong record of local and international community service.

On December 1st 2017 the Rotary Club of Toronto Humber merged with the Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park forming the Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park - Humber.

In November of 2017 Rotary International partnered with Idea Studio to produce Rotary’s third VR fil, Two Drops of Patience. The premise of the documentary was to allow people to experience what Rotarians do every day to Eradicate Polio, and to demonstrate what it takes to reach children in very remote areas. On Thursday June 13thBruce Sinclair, Founder & CEO of Idea Studio gave Members and Guests of the Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park-Humber an opportunity to experience administrating the Polio Vaccine to Children in a very remote area of Uganda. The Virtual Reality 360 Film is the next best thing to being there. The whole process was all made possible through the co-ordination of the Rotary Club of Soroti and the cooperation of their local Government, UNICEF and the World Health Organization. The Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park - Humber meets every Thursday for an hour. For more information go to T view a trailer and the film “Two Drops of Patience” go to It’s much different as a Virtual Reality/360 degrees.
Great Rotary morning meeting January 31st at the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park. It may have been frrrrreeeezzzzing out there but it was warm and cozy at our Rotary Club of Parkdale High Park Humber meeting. We had the great pleasure to welcome Pia Bouman of the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement right here in our neighbourhood of Parkdale. Pia gave us an impassioned speech about the good work of bringing the dancing arts to children and adults of Parkdale, the importance of the arts in our communities and as fundamental building block in young peoples lives. Many families are not able to afford to pay for the classes but are still able to attend through the bursary programs that are at the heart and soul of Pia Bouman's life work. Pia is facing a real estate challenge, in that the building of her school has been sold and she needs to find a new home in the hood. Some great brainstorming happened after our meeting. Such an inspiring morning!
In December the Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park - Humber donated $3,000 to the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement.
The Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. To commemorate the occasion, they honoured two people who have demonstrated “Service Above Self”. A Paul Harris Fellow is Rotary’s highest award to recognize individuals who have made an impact on the community. The first recipient of this award was Joanne Green who received her award last May. She was recognized for her work with refugee families, coordinating the Roncesvalles Refugee Relief group for Syrian families, and for organizing a sewing machine program, bicycle program, and movie days for refugee families across the GTA. On January 10, the second recipient, Luke Anderson, received the award. The Rotary Club of Etobicoke shared their meeting at the Old Mill for this special occasion. Luke is the founder of StopGap and the executive director of the StopGap Foundation. Luke had a terrible mountain biking accident, leaving him a quadriplegic. Returning to Toronto, he lived in the Roncesvalles/Junction community and became frustrated with the lack of access to the local shops. So, he designed the StopGap ramp that you see throughout the community and city. StopGap ramps are being installed in many cities across Canada, and the initiative is becoming global. Luke believes that accessible means inclusive, and that the world would be a better place if everyone could be included.

Saturday morning Don Sirko presented Margaret Cantwell of the Fort York Food Bank with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award for her service to the food bank and the community.

We Celebrated our 30th Anniversary !
Wine & Cheese Gala
Friday April 28th
On February 16, Jane Pang, founder and principal of Clearview School of Arts and Culture, gave a presentation on Chinese culture. Jane's presentation addressed the recent global interest in traditional Chinese culture and referenced it through examples such as the popularity of Shen Yun Performing Arts, which aims to revive authentic Chinese culture on a worldwide scale. In addition to Jane's presentation, the Club inducted a new member, Michael Wolkensperg, and had a special guest attendee Berk Icer of Budget Blinds West Toronto. The Rotary Club’s mission is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.
Click the link below for SNAP's full story and Photos of the morning.
Do you want to make a meaningful difference in our community?
Interested in addressing issues like poverty, health, hunger, education and the environment?
Want to do more than just hope for world peace?
  • The Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park is one of 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and regions, forming a network of community service around the world. 
  • We are a welcoming, friendly and fun-loving group of men and women from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures and occupations.
  • What we share in common is the desire to work on community projects, both at home and abroad, to make our world a better place.
  • If you want to be part of a global network of community volunteers, then Rotary is for you.
  • We meet Thursday mornings at 7:30 am at the Grenadier Café located in the centre of Toronto's High Park.

Parkdale-High Park-Humber
We meet In Person
Thursdays at 7:30 AM
Join us for Breakfast at the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park. Check Upcoming Events for Changes.
180 Colborne Lodge Road
Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3
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Upcoming Speakers
Bob Gordon
Jan 21, 2021
"Life After Covid-19 Lessons from Past Pandemics

There have been pandemics throughout the course of human history; they have savaged countries, undermined empires, and killed countless individuals – often with drastic and unexpected consequences for the survivors. Life After COVID-19 investigates past epidemics and their aftermath, seeking to draw parallels with the world of today and examine how the world could look when this new contagion has finally receded.Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, educated at the University of Toronto and McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Bob is a journalist and popular historian. He has spent 30 years writing about Canadian military, criminal and social history. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada, in the United States and in England. His friends call him the 'cat whisperer', while around the editorial offices of Esprit de Corps he is known as the 'myth buster'. He is a rabid Chicago Bears fan and plans to retire to Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana.

Time: Jan 21, 2021 07:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
        Jan 21, 2021 07:30 AM
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Patty Porretta, Resource Development Manager
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Julie Brown, Director of Philanthropy
Jun 06, 2019 6:30 PM
Pancreatic Cancer Canada
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